Ehong strength to show that the new customer two consecutive orders

Project Location: Canada

Product:Square Steel Tube ,Powder Coating Guardrail  

Use: Project placement

Shipment time: 2024.4


The order customer is easy macro in January 2024 to develop new customers, from 2020 our business manager began to keep in touch with the procurement of Square Tube and Rectangular Steel Tube are mainly used for the construction of the project to use, at first the business manager introduced to the customer our business products and the company’s background, through the constant understanding of these years, the customer has gradually generated a trust of the EHONG, by constantly updating the customer’s price, and ultimately reached the customer’s Psychological expectations, prompting the two sides to reach a good cooperation, because the first cooperation is smooth, the follow-up customers have found us to order Powder Coating Guardrail , we are in accordance with the wishes of the customer product drawing, then sent to the factory for production, the customer has expressed a high degree of affirmation of our service and professionalism, the product is expected to ship in April.


Ehong each batch of products will be inspected before leaving the factory, quality assurance, we have a group of professional responsible for foreign trade business team, Ehong look forward to working with you, we will provide you with quality, satisfactory service.


Post time: Mar-14-2024