Ehong has successfully developed a new customer in Canada

The product of this transaction is a square tube, Q235B square tube is widely used as a structural support material due to its excellent strength and toughness. In large structures such as buildings, bridges, towers, etc., this steel pipe can provide solid support and ensure the stability of the structure. In addition to being widely used in steel structures, its excellent mechanical properties, processing properties, corrosion resistance, make it also has a wide range of applications in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry.


Salesperson’s name:Jeffer

Products:Square Steel Tube (Q235B)

Order time:2024.1.23


Ehong’s business manager for the customer detailed introduction of the company’s products, production process, product quality, customized specifications, length customization and other aspects of the advantages. Customers expressed a high degree of recognition of Ehong, the customer’s trust in us gradually increased, and expressed the intention to cooperate.

At present, the company’s square tube in the domestic and a number of head of the factory have cooperation, the company has long been committed to providing foreign customers with high-quality steel products.

Post time: Feb-28-2024