Ehong galvanized steel support and other products hot sales of Brunei Darussalam

Project location:Brunei Darussalam

Product:Galvanized steel plank,Galvanized Jack Base,Galvanized ladder ,Adjustable Prop

Inquiry time:2023.08

Order time:2023.09.08


Estimated time of shipment:2023.10.07


The customer is an old customer of Brunei, the order products for steel support and other building materials, the customer received the product quality praise, decided to establish long-term cooperation.


The scaffold mainly provides a high working surface for the operation of the high workers, the stacking of materials and the short distance horizontal transportation, and the quality of its construction has a direct relationship and influence on the personal safety of the operators, the progress of the work and the quality of the work. No matter what kind of scaffolding is used, the following points must be met:
1. Stable structure and sufficient carrying capacity. It can ensure that during the use of the scaffold, under the action of the specified use load, under normal climate conditions and in the normal environment, no deformation, no tilt, no shaking.
2. It has enough working surface, appropriate number of steps and steps to meet the needs of operators, material stacking and transportation.
3. The construction is simple, the demolition is safe and convenient, and the material can be reused many times.

Ehong has been exporting steel products for 17 years, providing Adjustable Prop,Walk Plank,Frame,Jack Base and other products. Do steel, we are professional!


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