Ehong won Congo new order in October

Project location:Congo


Product:Cold Drawn Deformed Bar,Cold Annealed Square Tube

Specifications: 4.5 mm *5.8 m / 19*19*0.55*5800 / 24*24*0.7*5800


Inquiry time:2023.09

Order time:2023.09.25

Shipment time:2023.10.12


In September 2023, our company received an inquiry from an old customer in Congo and needs to purchase a batch of annealed square tubes. It was less than 2 weeks for the transaction speed from inquiry to contract,After the contract is signed, we promptly follows up on the progress of the later stage, from production to quality inspection, and then to shipment. In each process step, we will provide customers with detailed reports.With the trust and experience of previous cooperation,At the end of the month, the customer added a fresh order for cold-drawn thread. The products were sent out simultaneously on October 12 and are expected to arrive at the port of destination in November.

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Post time: Oct-19-2023