Ehong gets Turkey new customers ,multiple quotes to win new orders

Project Location: Turkey

Product:Galvanized Square Steel Tube

Use: Sales

Arrival time: 2024.4.13


With the publicity of Ehong in recent years as well as a good reputation in the industry, attracted some new customers to cooperate, the order customer is to find us through the customs data, which is a Turkish foreign trade company, a lot of product understanding, the size of the product thickness and other tolerances have strict requirements, in this regard, our business manager showed a rigorous work ethic, each time to reply to the customer’s message quickly and professionally, and several times to communicate with the customer to quote. Communicate with the customer to quote, and finally closed the deal.


The company supplies galvanized square tube using advanced hot dip galvanizing line process production, specifications are complete, the product surface is glossy, uniform zinc layer, strong adhesion, strong corrosion resistance, widely used with electric power towers, railroads, highway protection, street lamp poles, ship components, light industry and other construction projects.

Post time: Mar-14-2024