Ehong continues to supply Philippine projects

Project location:Philippines

Product:Erw Steel Pipe,Seamless steel pipe

Inquiry time:2023.08

Order time:2023.08.09

Application: Building construction

Estimated time of shipment:2023.09.09-09.15


The customer has cooperated with Ehong for many years, for Ehong, is not only a regular customer, but also a very important old friend. Over the years, we have assisted our old customers to successfully complete all their projects, and we look forward to more business cooperation between us in the future……

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The purchase contract signed this time is for construction in the Philippines. Ehong continued to supply many orders for the project, Ehong’s business timely response after receiving inquiries, from order confirmation to product production, as well as delivery and shipment, we have been perfect in every link, and the goods have been successfully delivered one after another. Ehong is honored to participate in the construction of the project.


Post time: Sep-22-2023