Advantages, disadvantages and applications of cold rolled steel sheets&coils

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of cold rolled steel sheets
Cold rolled is hot rolled coil as raw material, rolled at room temperature at the recrystallization temperature below, cold rolled steel plate is produced through the cold rolling process, referred to as cold plate. The thickness of cold rolled steel plate is generally between 0.1-8.0mm, most factories produce cold rolled steel plate thickness of 4.5mm or less, the thickness and width of cold rolled steel plate is based on the plant's equipment capacity and market demand and decide.

Cold Rolling is the process of further thinning a steel sheet to a target thickness below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature. Compared with hot rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel plate is more accurate in thickness and has a smooth and beautiful surface.

Cold rolled plate advantages and disadvantages

1 advantages

(1) fast molding speed, high yield.

(2) improve the yield point of steel: cold rolling can make the steel to produce a large plastic deformation.

2 disadvantages

(1) affect the overall and local buckling characteristics of steel.

(2) poor torsional properties: easy to torsion when bending.

(3) small wall thickness: no thickening in the plate articulation, weak ability to withstand localized concentrated loads.





Cold rolled sheet and Cold rolled strip has a wide range of uses, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instrumentation, food canning and so on. Cold rolled thin steel sheet is the abbreviation of cold rolled sheet of ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as cold rolled sheet, which is sometimes misspelled as cold rolled plate. Cold plate is made from ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled steel strip, after further cold rolling to make a thickness of less than 4mm steel plate. Due to rolling at room temperature, does not produce iron oxide, therefore, cold plate surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, coupled with annealing treatment, its mechanical properties and process properties are better than hot-rolled sheet, in many areas, especially in the field of home appliance manufacturing, has gradually used it to replace the hot-rolled sheet.

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